Vida Therapy offers a variety of Non Clinical Support Groups in person and online. These support groups are $300 and run for 6 weeks.

LatinX with Difficult Mothers

Pampering yourself is the new trend self-care is in! At Vida Therapy we provide individual Therapy as a concierge service customized to your schedule and needs. Talk therapy provides the tools you need to recover and thrive with life challenges. Confide in a person who will help you navigate towards your goals without judgement or bias. Whether it's finding your confidence, purpose or finding a plus one, therapy is helpful to better understand yourself. Make self-care your birthright!

Build a Bae

Therapy that illuminates a path towards harmony and balance. Tackle the unsaid, and learn communication without having to send someone to the living room. This service will provide the instruments you need to fall deeper in love with your partner, and work through challenges in unity. Strengthen the connection that attracted you to one another. There's a new meaning to "sending someone to the couch," and it's no longer because you're mad at them, but because you've joined them to work together.

My Pinche Sadness

Communication has never been easier. Find the perfect medium to talk about issues and feel heard as a family. At Vida Therapy you can develop the skills and tools you need to navigate through family conflict. Obtain the confidence you need as a family to discuss the uncomfortable and find solutions. Learn communicative skills in a safe environment to flourish as a family.


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