Pro Bono Program

Vida Therapy Inc. is a proud advocate for mental health care services being accessible to everyone. The Vida Therapy Pro Bono Program was created for individuals who do not have any type of health insurance and or have undocumented status that prevents them from accessing mental health services. Vida Therapy Inc.’s goal with the Pro Bono Program is to empower and support diverse communities.


Internship Program

This program is designed for university students who are seeking opportunities benefiting their long-term professional development. We are excited to contribute to students’ educational journey and grant them the experience needed to become a better professional in the workforce. Interns are given the development tools, knowledge, and business skills necessary for their field. We value interns who have a passion for mental health awareness and advocacy.  


Volunteer Program

Vida Therapy Inc. loves connecting with volunteers who are passionate about mental health, self-improvement, and making a difference in the community. Volunteering increases public support and gives back to others, while refining working skills! All efforts are greatly appreciated. 


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