Honk Honk Beep Beep...

Ladies!!! It’s a fact! We all have to age at some point in our human existence. In contemplating this, a thought came to me earlier this year and I will share for further exploration.

In my twenties, when I was cat called, whistled at, honked at, or walked by men who decided to share their “interest 😂” I would snear at them and think, “really... this again 🙄 (lets out a big sigh).”

Clearly, at that age I did not understand that one day I would miss that and see it with different eyes as I do now early into my 30s.

Today, I walked to the office and was honked at (not for me to move out of the way😂), but in appreciation that I combed my hair today and put some heels on ready to handle my business (insert laugh here).

My thoughts shifted as i realized that one day.... hopefully not anytime soon.... i will be honked at because i am obstructing the driver from moving the vehicle in a particular direction.

With this in mind, I am no longer in a space where I dread walking by a construction site or waking into a predominantly male meeting. I simply understand that I am in a space and time to enjoy my essence and what it brings even if only for a few more years.

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