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The material included on this site is intended for informational purposes only and in no way is meant to substitute for individualized mental health therapy provided in person by a professional. The primary goal is to assist children, adults, families, and or couples in determining whether the services provided by Vida Therapy Marriage, Family, and Child counseling Inc., would meet their needs. Vida Therapy Marriage, Family, and Child counseling Inc., does not provide the information on these pages to substitute for individualized therapies. No claim to cure, treat, diagnose, or otherwise provide mental or behavioral health care is guaranteed, promised, or implied by this site.


The persons shown in photographs on this website are stock photography models and are not actual patients of, nor are they affiliated with services provided by Vida Therapy Marriage, Family, and Child counseling Inc. The photographs showing the Models are used on this website for illustrative purposes only. The context in which the photographs are used on this website is not intended to reflect personally on any of the Models shown in the photographs.Vida Therapy Marriage, Family, and Child counseling Inc., assumes no liability for any consequence relating directly or indirectly to the use of the photographs showing the models on this website.


If there is an immediate crisis such as a child or adult currently being abused, suicidal, has homicidal thoughts or actions, or any other mental health emergency, CALL 911.

Featured Podcast Interviews


La Vergüenza A.K.A. Shame:

Today we meet Zeahlot Lopez, LMFT. In this bilingual sesión, we talk about the intention of shame, intergenerational shame, shame in speaking Spanish, where this stems from and how you can work on shame, if you are not ready to enter into therapy. Most importantly, Zeahlot talks to us about her unique perspective of using shame as a strength and provides us with various tools.

Zeahlot Lopez is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Licensed Cosmetologist in private practice in Sherman Oaks, CA. Her social m...

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V sits down with Vida Therapy to talk mental health and drop some classic songs!

Today's episode features Zeahlot Lopez, LMFT, LPCC who is the owner of Vida Therapy in California. I had a lot of fun talking with her about how we can and should love and validate ourselves before entering any relationships. Ms. Lopez provides excellent tips and suggestions on small ways we can regularly show ourselves love! She elaborates on why loving on yourself is essential and vital to your mental health.


Deborah Deras, top Latina Peak Performance Speaker interviews, Zeahlot Lopez, Founder of Vida Therapy Inc. She is a dually licensed psychotherapist, licensed cosmetologist & entrepreneurial coach helping humans rebuild their spirit. Aside from providing therapy to better the lives of her clients, she enjoys coaching entrepreneurs & women of color who are looking to increase their emotional intelligence. She also is a keynote speaker passionate about educating individuals on the importance of mental health.


Zeahlot Lopez, LMFT, LPCC from Sherman Oaks, CA is one of our two season closers. We recorded this special episode on May 18th, 2019 LIVE in front of 70 people who attended our 1 year celebration in Los Angeles. This episode discusses the personal impact of being asked “¿y el novio?” but also how to empower yourself to remove the frustration that stems from this question. Zeahlot uses both her professional and personal experience with this topic!

Our vendors and sponsors included these amazing small business owners who are also mental health advocates:



Is Social Media Ruining Your Relationship? This week on The Spicy Life, Spicy Mari and Dr. Ally sit down with Psychotherapist Zeahlot Lopez to discuss toxic social media behaviors in relationships. Find out how love, respect, jealousy and privacy are affected when partners have differing views on communication etiquette. 
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Finding it hard to squeeze in a date with your busy schedule? or maybe you're dating someone who is flaking out on dates. Well this is the episode for you!

Los speaks with with licensed psychotherapist Zealot Lopez, M.S. LMFT LPCC. Zea gives out her advice as she is a professional herself that sometimes finds it hard to find the time to go out on a date.

For more on Zealot Lopez please see her website at:
IG: @vidatherapy

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 On this chiquitasode, Cynthia interviews Zeahlot Lopez--a licensed therapist who specializes in Latinx-centered family therapy. Z shares the importance of collective-focused therapy, the ways in which childhood context can explain attachment styles, and networking tips.


In this second part of HOW MARRIAGE AND FAMILY THERAPISTS ARE MADE, we are moving up the ladder.  In this episode, I speak with two fully licensed marriage and family therapists.  They spill the tea on how to sustain yourself as a therapist, how therapy is "soul work", and the importance of Latinxs becoming therapists!

Eboni and Eliza are joined by Zeahlot Lopez of Vida Therapy to discuss her transition into therapy, serving minority communities and how she has built a thriving practice.


This is a bonus episode where I sit down with Zealot Lopez, M.S., MFTI. We speak about effective communication and the ways to use it in your relationship.


"I Think I Love You?" A podcast where we have real people, real relationships, real talk. I interview people with personal love stories that range from divorce, successful marriages or just living single in Los Angeles.


A platform for women of color. Transition, identity, entrepreneurship, self love and self care. For those women looking to hit that reset button.

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