Vida Therapy is a boutique private practice located in the heart of Studio City offering Concierge Services. We are a Latinx and woman owned corporation that provides mental health services, professional consultations, and a retail shop for merchandise that advocate for mental health.



Vida Therapy Inc. was established with the intention of creating a space to provide services to minorities and entrepreneurs who are looking to grow as professionals. 


Driven by culture and nourished by the desire to offer innovative ways to wellness services, Vida Therapy Inc. strategically offers mental health and wellness services to support them their journey. 


Growth – Spiritual, emotional, physical, cognitive expansion that aids the human experience in living to it’s full capacity

Purpose – Clear alignment in your reason for being and your existence, when they align

Authenticity- Being raw, authentic, and true to oneself regardless of social context

Tribe – Your community, your people

Health – Mind, body and soul are in sync for holistic wellness

Philosophy and culture on the bottom


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4400 Coldwater Canyon Ave. Suite 135

Studio City, CA 91604

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