CEO, Founder, and Clinical Director of Vida Therapy Inc.


What if the right therapist could not only benefit your personal life, but also advance your love life, career, and or business exponentially?


I have a unique vision when working with clients by using a holistic approach for healing and achieving goals. I am an alumnus of California State University, Northridge and Mount Saint Mary's University. Additionally, I am a fluent Spanish speaking Latina that knows the importance culture plays in a client's life. As a woman of color who is first generation American, I have experiences that can be beneficial to those looking for a therapist who has melanin. Let's celebrate that year-round tan!


My passion and purpose is to work with professionals who are entrepreneurs, therapists, and individuals in search of self-development. I believe that one of the greatest joys is discovering the best version of ourselves. My experience includes working with clients who want to develop emotional intelligence and improve their relationships.


Furthermore, great secret keepers are hard to come by, and for this reason, hairdressers, therapists, and tax accountants exist! As a psychotherapist that previously worked as a hairdresser and barber for fourteen years, I learned that the most important aspect of connecting with people is to master the art of listening in combination with building trust.

"Taking a client’s style of communication and emotional well being into consideration is important when helping them in building additional support with life’s challenges." 


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