The Vida Therapy internship program is an exciting opportunity for individuals looking to invest in their professional career development with an interest in various areas of study. This opportunity helps connect and contribute to the career development of budding professionals, future mental health providers, and entrepreneurs. Additionally, the program offers guidance, knowledge, and growth for the benefit of the intern professionally and personally through weekly coaching on different topics.

Mentorship provided through the program can provide opportunities to advance with emotional intelligence, business knowledge, and implementation of skills to necessary areas of career. Being mentored is a powerful experience that can enable the intern to achieve or exceed their goals and aspirations. The mission of the internship program is to aid individuals to see the hope and potential within themselves as budding professionals.


The individual will be offered the opportunity to work on exciting projects and experiences such as networking events, private practice management, and community outreach. Additionally, Vida Therapy interns will gain hands-on experience with mental health, coaching, media, and entrepreneurship. An intern will collaborate closely with the CEO as well as with administrative and supporting staff through out the program.


This internship can be of value to individuals looking to gain experience in psychology, child development, family studies, sociology, business, marketing, advertising, media, photography, videography, social media management, and or public relations. Ambitious, energetic, and creative individuals are encouraged to join our team through an internship that provides experience of the mental health industry. We assure that all assignments add value both to our company and to an individual's development as a professional in the real world.

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