The Vida Therapy Intern Program is an amazing program that offers the ability to grow in the mental health field. Zeahlot Lopez represents first generation American Latinx in the greater Los Angeles area very well. She is a human with a big heart that a lot of women of color can identify with nationwide. The program allows an open relationship to ask questions, tips, and advice in the mental health field. She allows the opportunity to create conversation in regards to entrepreneurship, marketing, and lifestyle choices that lead the way for success to bloom. She is honest with you and will reassure your progress with feedback. Expect Ms.Lopez to be honest and upfront about things you can change. She will always give you resources and find solutions to things one may have a hard time with. As a mentee your knowledge will grow in all aspects of your life to help you become successful. 

- Ellen P.

I had an amazing time working with Zeahlot in the program. During our first couple of sessions, Zeahlot stressed the importance of surrounding myself with like-minded people do that I could prosper and make my dreams a reality. She also taught me a healthier way of expressing my feeling without putting the blame on others and to achieve that I had to use “I” statement to take accountability of my feeling and actions. When I needed help with my project, Z taught me how to use Google’s advanced search and it was so helpful. Throughout our year working together, Zeahlot taught me so much about life, my mental health, and the importance of education. I really enjoyed working with her because she always made sure that every aspect of my life was good and always gave me resources when I needed them. The most important thing I learned from Zeahlot was to check in with myself. Getting caught up in the day to day life, I forget to make sure that everything is good mentally, so going to therapy is really important!

-Ashley W.

I have learned so many valuable things from my mentor that will help me on throughout my college experience, as well as life. Ms. Lopez has prepared me for what to expect in the outside world, as well as to make sure that I surround myself around people that will push me to do better. My overall experience with the mentorship I received was amazing. Not only did she help me with my college applications, but she helped me with essays and scholarships too.


The most important topic or idea that my mentor always instilled into me was to always make sure my health and mental health is ok, because if it isn’t then I won’t be able to do everything else that I want to do, like running a business. Furthermore, my mentor always checked in with me, and always made sure we spoke twice a month for an hour each session.


My mentor was very consistent and truly put in a lot of effort into the help she gave me. My mentor is amazing, and our method of contact was quite efficient. I will definitely recommend my mentor to others because she has been such a great role model for me.

-Giselle B.

This is my first internship and Zeahlot Lopez has not disappointed me. In fact, she has exceeded my expectations as a mentor. As an intern I thought I would just be in the office doing paperwork; Getting tips and advice would depend on me and my courage to ask my mentor Zealot Lopez, but it has been the opposite. Z is always ready to teach and inform, with every little task you do she will explain why you are doing it and why it is important to know in case you want to open your own private practice in the future, the way she is currently doing. Not only does she teach us important skills for our future career while we work, but she also makes sure to dedicate an hour or two each week to sit down with us, and address any questions we have thus far regarding the mental health career. She generously asks what field in mental health we are interested in, and brings a guest speaker that week to share their experience with us. I told her I was interested in Forensic psychology and she brought in a forensic psychologist that week to speak to us and share his experience in the field! Similarly another intern expressed interest in school counseling and Z brought in a school counselor that week to speak to us. Another great thing about Z is that she understands students are busy, she is very flexible and will work with your schedule. She will also give you coffee and snacks! Zeahlot Lopez is a gem, who takes her work seriously, and is genuinely interested in helping others. I encourage anyone pursuing a career in the mental health field to intern at Vida Therapy Inc. Having a mentor like Z will give you all the skills necessary to pursue a degree in mental health. ​

-Sandra Q.

My experience at the Vida therapy Internship Program has been a positive one. I came in as a business major with no knowledge in the psychology and or therapist world and Zeahlot gave me a chance. I thought I was going to be learning all about the LMFT and LPCC world, and just that. However, Zeahlot being an entrepreneur she is also a businesswoman and a good mentor to have. As a business owner she has infinite knowledge and tips to give me so in the future I can apply that knowledge to my business. Zeahlot is also my life coach and is always there to help whenever I need advice or help from someone from her big network. She gives experiences left to right and takes us intern to many networking events where big professionals are always present. In this program you’ll find a variety of interns in different fields but with the same hard work mentality and always ready to work. Being in this internship program will not disappoint. It honestly is different from any other internship I ever had. It is tough doing something it may not be for everyone, but if you stick through it and work hard many doors will open and you’ll learn something new each day.


-Chris B.






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